S & D Car Care also perform Services/ Repairs on many Fleet Vehicles. Whether it's a Fleet of 2-3 vehicles, or a Fleet of 20-30 vehicles S & D Car Care can tailor all requirements to the Company's needs.

We Service/ Repair many different Commercial Vehicles, we are equipped to handle a variety of Commercial vehicles like Trucks, Vans and Utilities.

We understand that running a busy fleet is all about time constraints and the importance of vehicles being on the road when required. Saving time and money for your business is our number one priority so that is why S & D Car Care are your one stop shop for all your vehicle's needs. We provide you with the most Efficient Scheduled Servicing/ repairs as well as Tyre Maintenance for those vehicles that are always on the road.

We make the process of Vehicle maintenance on your Fleet Vehicles easy and straight forward.

Some of the Fleet leasing companies we are partnered with are:

If you would like to arrange your Fleet to be maintained by S & D Car Care but your leasing company is not listed, just call us on (03) 9687 8053 and we can arrange to be partnered with them.